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iconjournalads's Journal

Advertise your Icon Journal here!
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→Advertise your icon journal←

When someone has made a new icon journal or just want people to visit, the best way to get people to look in their icon journal and even take icons to use, is to advertise their journal. This is the community to do that. This is NOT the community to advertise comms for things such as Lord of the Rings icons where everyone can show off their icons. This is only for your or someone else's and your icons (only you and up to two more people can post icons). Before advertising your icon journal, please read the rules.


These must be followed otherwise your post will be deleted. If you break these rules twice you will be banned from this community.

1. DO NOT repeat the post or advertise your icon journal more then once a week. If you do it will get really annoying.
2. DON'T go into someone's journal or even comment in this community and tell the icon maker their icons are crap etc. That is rude and inconsiderate.
3. If you have more then one ICON journal/community, please post it in ONE post.
4. DO NOT advertise anything other then YOUR icon journal/community. If you want to advertise something like a Movie icon community where everyone can show their icons, advertise it in a community/journal advertisement comm like community_promo. NOT this one.
5. When Advertising your icon journal/community, please do it in this structure:

Name: (Whatever they call you on the net or at home, your choice)
Journal/Community: (you can do it various times like such: iconjournalads, iconjournalads, iconjournalads) but don't overdo it.
Friends/Members only?: (yes or no) {this one was recently added}
What I put in my journal: (What kind of icons? Buffy? Harry Potter? and so on. Just type the main ones)
Examples: (You don't have to do this, but it would be good)


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If you have any problems, inform me here